SELF 2013

2013 was the first year that I taught at SELF. Throwing caution to the wind, I gave three hours of presentations on two different topics. This page has videos and presentation materials for all three hours.

Chroot Jails

On Saturday morning, I taught two sessions back-to-back on chroot jails. The first session was driven most by a slide show, describing the theory behind chroot jails and why one would want to do such an absurd thing. The second session was entirely on the command line, and I brought theory into practice by building a jail on a local VM.

Presentation:  Chroot Jails: Theory


  1. Chroot Jails: Theory
  2. Chroot Jails: Application

Essentials Tools of the Command Line Ninja

This presentation introduces concepts and tools used in intermediate to advanced shell scripting. It is designed to further a basic shell user's understanding of how BASH works and what it can do. It assumes familiarity with the basics of command line operation (cd, ls, running a binary).

The first 10 minutes cover important concepts of shell scripting. The remaining 50 minutes cover important tools and how to operate them using the concepts introduced in the first part.

Presentation:  The Essential Tools of the Command Line Ninja

Video:  The Essential Tools of the Command Line Ninja

History warning! Sunday morning, after a long, hard night of partying, I taught a 9am session on shell scripting. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of attending SELF before, Saturday night is an enormous shebang where one or more of the conference sponsors pay for drinks all around. A lot of folks wake up Sunday with a raging hangover and reach for the Advil, not a challenging session on BASH. Despite these adverse conditions, we had about 50 folks show up to learn or reinforce their existing knowledge.

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